Top TikTok Fashion Influencers to Follow for the Best Style Tips

Top TikTok Fashion Influencers to Follow for the Best Style Tips

 Ever since the pandemic lockdowns hit back around March 2020 the entire world seemed to be turned upside down. With so many of us having to stay at home, naturally boredom followed. This boredom and the lack of connection with others led many people to join an app that was rising in popularity, TikTok. From viral whipped coffee, trendy dances, and funny stories it’s hard not to get addicted to this app and its 60 second videos. TikTok and it’s unique algorithm has connected many people to like-minded individuals with similar interests and hobbies. It not only can be used as a source of entertainment but a source for inspiration and useful tips. If you're into fashion or just looking to update your style we’ve compiled our favourite TikTok Creators you need to be following! Each of them brings a unique perspective, helpful tips and tricks, and insanely good style advice.

 Valeria Lipovetsky
TikTok: @valeria.lipovetsky
Valeria is a Canadian from Toronto, is a mom of 3 and has 1.2 million followers on TikTok. Her followers can expect chic and effortless outfit of the day videos, relatable content including her kids and lifestyle inspired content. Some of our favourite videos of Valeria are her try on hauls, workout routines and hair styling tutorials. Her bright personality and dedication to creating content daily makes her a must follow in our books!
Nava Rose

TikTok: @the.navarose

Nava Rose is one of the most popular fashion content creators on TikTok with 5 million followers and it's for a good reason! Her videos are always related to current trends and feature seamless transitions. Sometimes she even features super cool clothing flips or DIY’s like making a two-piece outfit out of a fake Louis Vuitton bag. Her fashion sense is fun, flirty, and funky and she often makes videos relating to movies, tv shows and popular culture in general. Her unique style and unapologetically fabulous personality is sure to keep you entertained and inspired. If you want to expand your style and stand out from the crowd be sure to check out Nava Rose and give her a follow! 

Wisdom Kaye

TikTok: @wisdm8

If you're tired of boring and basic men's outfits you need to give Wisdom Kaye a follow. His style is refreshing and versatile and anything but plain. He styles looks from streetwear to high fashion and creates outfits for people with any type of budget, from affordable to luxury. Wisdom manages to pull off any outfit and is a master at mixing colours for a vibrant look. Overall, he is a huge source of inspiration and a must follow.

Chriselle Lim

TikTok: @chrisellelim

As Chriselle describes herself in her TikTok Bio she is, “YOUR RICH MOM” who has a great sense of humour and an even grander closet. She really makes you feel like you’re a part of her family which she regularly features in her daily vlogs including her husband and two girls. She also gives brilliant advice to make sure your outfits are timeless and expensive looking. Give her a follow and your wardrobe will thank you for it. 

 Logan Hill

TikTok: @loganraehill

If you need more body positivity content on your feed and want to see more body types represented in fashion trends, then you need to follow Logan. She is a US size 6/8 and she posts videos with flattering clothing for her body size. Her videos will inspire you to be confident in your own skin and take chances with your style!

Michaela Hedderman

TikTok: @mjhedderman

Michaela’s style is trendy and fun and we want to borrow her entire closet! If you're looking to up your Instagram game, you need to give her a follow! She gives great tips on where to take photos, posing and how she creates her content! Not to mention she is hilarious and her videos always have a good vibe!


TikTok: @sir_bucks

Buckman owns a hat company called ‘The Bucks Hat’, as well as being a fashion model. For fresh menswear inspiration and tips his page is the place to visit. His outfits always look amazing and he can help you style anything from streetwear to suits. Buckman also gives great tips and tricks on how to pose for photos so you can look confident in all your Instagram photos.

Taylor Hage

TikTok: @tayhage

If you love luxury brands and want to learn how to elevate your basic outfits, check out Taylor Hage! Her outfits are always chic, wearable and effortlessly cool. Not to mention she has so many videos you'll never run out of outfit inspiration. We love her TikTok’s and we think you will too!

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