Top 10 Most Affordable Places to Travel in 2022

Top 10 Most Affordable Places to Travel in 2022

Many people believe that to travel the world they have to be millionaires, but that is the furthest thing from the truth. Traveling indeed requires money, but you can reduce the cost through several ways including; choosing a cheap place to travel. Selecting a place can be tough depending on the activities you wish to enjoy. Some of you may be interested in camping which is a cheaper option than other activities. While others may be interested in staying on a private island which comes with a hefty price tag. If your budget is not allowing you to spend a lot of money on traveling but you still want to go on a vacation, don’t stress, you can still travel to most beautiful destinations without breaking your budget. Let’s plan your trip to any of the affordable places mentioned below and make your 2022 a memorable one:

1. Albania

Albania is not only one of the most affordable places to travel in 2022, it is also the untouched jewel in Europe. Albania is not only cheapest in terms of traveling, but it features stunning landscapes, scrumptious cuisine, diverse culture and friendly people who are always willing to help the visitors. You can easily manage to live on $30 per day in Albania. Some of the most famous places in Albania include Blue Eye Lake, Rozafa Castle and Llogara National Park.

2. Nepal

Famous for its breathtaking Himalaya mountains, Nepal is another most affordable country where you can plan your vacation. With only $25 in your pocket, you can easily spend a day in Nepal eating local food, using local transport and staying in hostel. You can also enjoy camping and save a lot more if you plan to trek to the mountains. Nepal has many stunning places that are worth visiting such as Kathmandu, Pokhara and Annapurna.

3. Malaysia

If we talk about the more affordable places to travel, we cannot leave Southeast Asia out as it has several cheap destinations to visit. One of the many countries being Malaysia. While the country is not the cheapest of the region, many cities allow you to live on as low as $30 a day including Penang, Langkawi and Kuala Lumpur. Not to mention Malaysia has very affordable food, especially when you are buying it from the night market.

4. Philippines

Who would not want to visit the postcard landscape in Philippines that consists of crystal clear beaches, waterfalls and volcanoes. The best part is, you can witness these breathtaking places for a VERY affordable cost. Yes, that’s true. With only $25- $30 a day, you can enjoy an exciting holiday in Philippines with your loved ones. Philippines has several places that you must visit when you are here including the Boracay; the white beach, Chocolate Hills and the most beautiful Panglao Island.


5. Turkey

Turkey is undoubtedly the most visited countries in the world, not only because of its diverse landscape but also the affordability. Every year, Turkey welcomes millions of tourists from all over the world. Some visit the country to witness the magnificent palaces and mosques in Istanbul while other come to enjoy several activities Turkey offers to its tourists such as Hot Air Balloon ride in Cappadocia, swimming in Pamukkale and paragliding over the stunning Oludeniz beach. You’ll be surprised to know that you’ll not need more than $30 to spend a decent day in Turkey.


6. Peru

In the recent years, Peru has become one of the most visited destinations among tourists, thanks to its stunning landscape including mountains, beaches, lakes, ancient ruins and temples. You can see it all it around $30 to $40 a day in Peru. Some of the worth visiting places that catch tourists’ attention are Macha Picchu, Cusco, Lima and Lake Titicaca. No matter what you want to see or do, Peru has it all. So add Peru to your list of top 10 most affordable places to travel in 2022 and start planning your trip.

7. Indonesia

Traveling to Bali in Indonesia is everyone’s dream. The island is known worldwide for its breathtaking beaches, volcanic mountains, rice paddies, coral reefs and much more. In addition to this, no matter what part of Indonesia you want to visit, you can easily do in around $50 a day. You can get a room in as low as $10 per night and food under $5 for one time. Getting around is also pretty cheap in Indonesia. Ubud, Kuta and Jakarta are also some of the popular places to visit in Indonesia.

8. Pakistan

Pakistan was hardly on the bucket list of travelers around the world, due to what media has been portraying about this country. But luckily, this country has seen a boost in tourism in 2019 with foreigners coming and staying for months from all over the world. This year, if you want to see breathtaking landscape, diverse cities, meet the most hospitable people, eat the scrumptious food, then you must plan your trip to Pakistan. The country is not only extremely beautiful, it is also one of the most affordable places to visit in 2022. With only around $55 a day, you can enjoy traveling in Pakistan. Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Naran, Swat, Gilgit-Baltistan are some of the places that you must visit here.

9. India

Neighboring Pakistan, India is another affordable place that should be on your bucket list for 2022. The country has so much to see and do including the colorful bazars of Delhi, beaches of Goa, surreal beauty of Kashmir and iconic palaces of Rajasthan. You do not need more than $55 a day to travel in India that includes transport, three meals a day and accommodation. You can save a lot more by staying with locals and eating local street food.


10. Egypt

Traveling to the country of pharaohs and seeing the mummies is probably on the list of many people across the world. Egypt is no doubt a perfect destination for those who want to spend their time in a diverse location in around $55 a day. You can spend less if you plan carefully and save on accommodation by staying with locals through couch surfing. So plan your trip to this ancient country that holds hundreds of secrets to discover and several temples and monuments to explore.


It's already 2022, so if you’ve not planned any travel yet, start doing it now! Don’t worry about budget as any of the above places will let you enjoy your vacation with a low price. Get ready to make some amazing memories this year. Have a wonderful 2022! . We deliver one of the best fashion & vintage appraisals like Reversible clothing, Reversible swimwear, and matching Jewelry accessories which look more adorable during your travel and vacations.

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