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The Top 3 Places to Travel Post Pandemic (And What to Pack)

It's been over a year since the Pandemic first hit and it's safe to say that we are all eager to get back out there and see the world (when it’s safe and possible). At Livmore we’ve been dreaming of all the sights we want to see, food we’re craving, and memories to be made. We’ve put together the top places to travel and essential items you'll need to bring with you when the time is right!

#1 Croatia

Crystal clear water, historic architecture and stunning national parks is what you'll be greeted with if you visit Croatia! And if you’re a Game of Thrones fan, this is the place for you, they actually filmed the Kings Landing scenes in the city of Dubrovnik! Dubrovnik is a must see city with tan stone buildings and terracotta rooftops that make it so unique. Other incredible places to visit in Croatia include Split, Zagreb, and the Brijuni National Park. One of the best things to do in Croatia is go sailing on the picturesque Adriatic Sea along its rocky shoreline. There are many travel packages you can purchase to stay on a catamaran and go sailing for a week or even for just a day trip. If it’s not already on your bucket list be sure to add it!

1 Item you need to pack:

When it comes to packing for Croatia you’ll want to pack lightweight clothing that can be worn on multiple occasions to save space in your suitcase. Whether you're going out at night or need something to slip over your bikini after the beach the Livmore Champagne Tie Dye Reversible skirt has got you covered.

#2 Italy

Dreaming of cobblestone streets, delicious food and a place surrounded by rich history? Italy is calling your name. Italy isn't a hidden gem by any means, but it's so popular for good reason. With its scenic coastline, awe-inspiring buildings and top-notch restaurants you'll be sure to never be bored or hungry! There are so many places to visit that offer unique experiences like the canals of Venice, the fashion scene in Milan, the beaches of the Amalfi Coast and much more. The whole country is saturated with so much history you’ll want to go sightseeing in every city and visit the seemingly endless museums and art galleries. Italy is so charming that no matter how many times you visit, it will always leave you wanting more.


1 Item you need to pack :

If you're planning on visiting Italy during the hottest months of the year, you’ll need to pack clothes that are comfortable, cool and fashionable of course. Having a long dress in Italy is essential since you can wear it for so many occasions. Our Baby Blue Long Tie Dye Reversible Dress is perfect for wandering the cobblestone streets in the day and going out for dinner and a glass of wine in the evening.

Check this out to find what else to pack for a trip to Italy : 

#3 Bali

Over the past few years, Bali, Indonesia has emerged as one of the most popular destinations to travel to and we expect the interest to visit will only continue to rise. It’s no surprise people are eager to explore Bali, which is a small island in Indonesia known for its lush rice paddies, endless waterfalls and beautiful beaches. Another aspect that makes Bali so appealing is its vibrant nightlife, instagrammable cafes, luxurious villas and stunning beach clubs. Not to mention it can be extremely affordable once you’re there. Additionally, the Balinese people have such a rich and intriguing culture that it really distinguishes Bali from the rest of Indonesia. The predominant religion in Bali is Balinese Hinduism and you can expect to find flower offerings at every doorstep and beautiful temples around every corner. Some of the most popular activities to do while in Bali include surfing, snorkeling, climbing up the side of a volcano, having a flower bath and swinging on a swing over the rice fields. Bali has an unexplainable energy to it that makes it hard to say goodbye at the end of every trip. 

1 Item you need to pack:

So what should you wear in Bali? Bikinis of course. Since Bali is an island, there are tons of beaches you'll want to spend your time relaxing on! The problem is with so little room in your luggage you can only pack a few sets. We suggest packing our Livmore reversible Swimwear to save space and ensure you have a different style bikini in every pic! Click here to shop our swimwear.


Check out this video for more info on How to Travel Bali : 

Now the only question left to ask is, how can you pick just one place?!

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